Experiments of Truth

Suite in 10 movements:

Prologue: The Symbols Dawn
Canto One: Sages Creation
Canto Two: Double Twilight
i. Void
ii. The Cosmic Mirror
Canto Three: Truth
Canto Four: Expansion
Canto Five: The Triple Path
i. Growth of the Flame
ii. Cave of Tapasya
Canto Six: Turyia
Canto Seven: Modes of Nature
i. Prakriti’s Artistry
ii. Purusha Reign
Canto Eight: Sacrifice
Canto Nine: Liberation
Canto Ten: The Ascent
Epilogue: From Everlasting to Everlasting

Composed by Jonathan Kay


“A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstance.”
The Mother


Introduction – The Creative Path

Experiments of Truth is the story of the cosmic evolution of Consciousness; the fall of Spirit into obscure and unconscious realms of matter, and it’s inevitable self-realisation and evolutionary ascent through the physical and spiritual realms of this universe back to its source in the Infinite.  Creating and upholding the universal manifestation, Consciousness is the Self-aware force of dynamic and creative energy.

Experiments of Truth is a through-composed improvisational vehicle intended to symbolically and mystically express the journey of individual and cosmic consciousness.  Based on the fundamental principals of ancient Indian Philosophy and it’s system of Nada Yoga, the Path of liberation through sound and music, the Suite aims to guide the musician and listener on a meditative journey deep within, establishing a direct identification and connection with the Inner being.

Experiments of Truth is inspired by the musical, spiritual and philosophical teachings of ancient India and is the beginning of a lifelong journey discovering the mystical and spiritual potency contained in the Indian Ragas and exploring and integrating their penetrating moods and atmospheres, not only for the sake of the evolution of artistry or the realisation of an integral world music, but more importantly to establish a path of Sadhana, or spiritual discipline that transforms the nature of the individual, opening upwards to the descent of a Truth-consciousness.

By concentration and awareness of the collective consciousness, the compositions act as guide for the individual to arrive at broader and more luminous realization of the nature of reality. The Suite is a vehicle that can be used as a transformative tool for an individual and collective realization of a creative and unified truth of Being.

While composing the Experiments of Truth Suite, I was aiming to strike a balance between written composition and conceptual improvising that would inspire a collective direction and unified movement while allowing the music to unfold naturally and uniquely each time performed. There is no set instrumentation, as I believe that any collection of musicians and instruments can perform the Suite as long as they are united in their motive.
Each movement uses selections from Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual epic poem “Savitri” to help guide and focus the musical meditation towards the celestial realms.  Savitri’s symbolism and spiritual imagination inspires and unites the collective consciousness to a heightened platform where the identification and expression of wider and more expansive ideals becomes possible to communicate through music. Although the creative expression of each symbol is purely subjective in nature, Yogic experience affirms there comes a point of realisation when the outer surface of the symbol dissolves into a direct identification with the essence and potency upholding each symbol, becoming a direct realisation of it’s Supreme Truth.
The greatest goal of this Suite is to transcend the material and musical landscape and merge into complete identification with a more luminous guiding consciousness, to transcend into a wider and broader relationship with Nature and each other, and to transform the imperfections of our Being into the perfection of the Infinite Truth.